Features of elneos five

Multi-touch Glass Display

The elneos five is equipped with a capacitive touch sensor which is operated by a 5-finger contact control. The screen is divided in three areas and therefore three devices can be simultaneously and efficiently controlled. This modern technology allows the closed end-to-end closed front panel without joints.

Intelligent Connector Panel

The connector panel of elneos five with its colour-coded RGB ring lighting is equipped with disappearing effect. When the rings are not on, they disappear and are invisible. The RGB ring lighting leads the use to the correct connection and thus a faulty contact is avoided. Due to different colours all conditions are signalized in addition.

Menu Sensor

The menu sensor of elneos five is also selected by the contact-controlled operation and serves for calling up the device groups and submenus. When activated the menu sensor lights up in white.

ON/OFF Sensor

Elneos five communicates with the user by pulsing. When the sensor pulses for instance in blue, elneos five is in the course of continuous measurement and all front sensors are locked. When the sensor is green, elneos five is in standard mode.

Precise Measurement

Due to the use of ground-breaking TRMS converter modules of considerably improved linearity and band width, an excellent measurement precision with the outstanding crest factor 5 is achieved.

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